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New Cabins 4,5,6
Goal Reached!

Thanks to your help, the new cabins financial goal has been reached!  Thank You!  As long as all the pledges come in along with the respective matches, the new cabins are all paid for.  Currently we are finishing the construction of the fifth triplex for the summer of 2015. 


If you are able to share some time and/or talents, contact the office and we'll put you on an email list to find out which days we're working on the final cabin structure.


Each summer, more and more campers are benefiting from new cabins and are being impacted by a Christian camping experience.  We couldn't have done it without you!  If you still have a portion of your pledge to submit, you can send in a check anytime at 1596 S. 150 W., Albion, IN 46701.


Cabins are the primary lodging and social center for many of the programs at Camp Lutherhaven. Generations of campers hold special memories in the unique cabin experience remembering times of anxiety to confidence, mundane to fun, and complete strangers to life-long friends. More importantly it can provide a place where lives are transformed as they encounter the living God.

Camp's first seven cabins were built in 1952 and, along with the additional seven that followed, have served their purpose valiantly. Each year, however, these rustic structures face increasing maintenance costs, aging electrical wiring as well as compliance with the State of Indiana's current code for required space. The time has come to update the cabin experience.

New Cabin Construction

With your generous support, Camp Lutherhaven will be able to meet its three-year goals and continue its mission of nurturing the faith of individuals and complementing the ministry of churches in this special setting. Thanks to gifts from friends like you and a matching grant from The Lutheran Foundation, the new "Triplex" cabins are within reach of being built. Like with the first cabins in 1952, Lutherhaven is setting out to build these cabin structures with volunteers, further lowering their total cost.

Won't you consider contributing to this important endeavor? Your one-time gift or multi-year pledge is critical to ensure sufficient camper housing for decades to come. Make your gift today by clicking the donate button above or send your donation to: Built on the Rock Campaign, Camp Lutherhaven, 1596 S. 150 W. Albion, IN 46701.
To ensure Camp Lutherhaven's ministry for future generations, its Board of Directors and staff have launched Built on the Rock, a three-year $455,000 campaign aimed at enhancing its cabin facilities. This inspiring goal will fund the construction of 15 cabin units inside five "Triplex" buildings. Each cabin unit will sleep 10 people, replacing the current 17 individual cabin units. The "Triplex" design takes the best elements of the "Rustic" and "Blue Ridge" cabins, as well as inspiration from new Treetop Village built in 2009.

Cabin features include:
  • Open space design with vaulted ceilings, new bunk beds, and separate entrances to foster individual cabin community and supervision
  • Generous porches and large, weather-proofed windows to highlight the beauty of creation all around
  • Ceiling fans and sprinkler systems to improve ventilation while protecting the cabin and its occupants
  • Building materials that hold up to the forest environment and reduce ongoing maintenance
  • Electric heat to allow year-round use during colder months

Above total reflects donations and pledges that have been processed by the camp office with applicable matches.